What is AfroPay?

AfroPay is a tech enabled payment ecosystem allowing peer-to-peer transactions, bill payments, point of sale payments between individuals and businesses and so much more.

How do I download the AfroPay App?

AfroPay is available to download for FREE on the Apple iOS Store and the Google Play Store

How do I top-up my AfroPay wallet?

You can top-up within the AfroPay app using mobile money at no cost to you!

Simply log-in, select “Add Money” on the home menu and follow the prompts

How can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money to your registered mobile money number?

1. Simply select “Withdraw” from the main menu or the homepage

2. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw

3. Enter the OTP sent to your registered number to confirm your withdrawal

Withdrawals will attract a charge of 3% of the requested amount

Can I withdraw AfroPay cash from an ATM?

No, you cannot currently withdraw AfroPay cash from an ATM

Can I refer my friends and get rewarded with AfroPay?

At the moment you will not be rewarded, but soon, we shall be able to give out rewards for referrals.

How can I contact official AfroPay customer support?

You can contact AfroPay through our email support@afropay.com and telephone number +256742785624

Should I share my password with anyone?

We will never ask you for your password!